Sunday, May 20, 2012

Goth music

Judging solely from my attempts to navigate the Maschine, its software and manual, Germans give complicated directions.  I'm thinking a lot of the sado-masochistic stereotypes are, indeed, based in fact.

So this is the difference between me and a lot of other 30-year-old married women.  While most of my lady peers are raising and/or planning on raising children, decorating their homes with nice things that match their other things, accumulating manageable debt and building their credit and watching The New Girl or Vampire Diaries (seriously, women my age watch that bullshit), I'm fiddling around with an SCS.4DJ and attempting to learn to mix in my spare time, along with slowly attempting to write my own goth-flavored music with the Maschine.  

It's not going so well.  At least not yet.  My ADD would rather have me scrolling through photobombs or watching videos of baby sloths in onesies or checking to see if my best vagina-friend has noticed that I posted on her Facebook wall or WRITING A FIRST BLOG ENTRY because I'd rather do anything than slam on the pads of the Machine right this second.  

For the record, I do have experience in music.  I took several years of piano lessons as a child, a year of voice lessons and coaching as an adult, and even sang in a band in Minneapolis for awhile.  I'll admit that I'm nowhere near as talented of a pianist as I was a decade ago, nor as in shape vocally as I was when I was getting regular coaching, but I need something to do, and it might as well be musical.  It beats the shit out of knitting or watching Star Trek, and I say that as someone who fucking LOVES knitting and Star Trek.

Much like the sea, this crap is a fickle mistress.

Nonetheless, it's a slow process.  Once I get the percussion and bass nailed down, then I've got to incorporate melody and synth.  Then I'm going to try and do some wordless vocal stuff.  Then I'm going to make some words happen.  That's the plan, at least. 

My goal is to be the female Weird Al of goth music.

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